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Industry Dynamics


CHINAPLASwill be celebrating its 30th edition in the coming exhibition. The organizer, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., has planned to put up a myriad of exciting activitiesto the show to share the joy of this commemorative event with the show participants. CHINAPLAS 2016 will be held on 25-28 April, 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong), PR China. The show is expected to welcome 3,200 exhibitors and 140,000 professional buyers, on over 240,000 square meters of exhibition area.


Greenovation for a Smart Future - is the theme for CHINAPLAS 2016 and three concurrent events will be held to further elaborate around the theme, namely the 2ndMedical Plastics Conference, Industry 4.0 Conference, “Design x Innovation”.


Medical Plastics Conference

The global medical products industry has never been more dependent on plastics and rubber suppliers to help them meet today’s healthcare needs. Over 90 different kinds of medical products have used polymers as their major components, including: drug-delivery systems; sophisticated diagnostic imaging equipment; surgical tools; prostheses and life-maintaining implantable devices; pharmaceutical packaging; various disposables such as tubes, infusion bags, catheters, syringes, etc.Medical plastics arelucrativemarketsyet also the challenging one.Challenges are on all fronts such as constantly changing policies, raising the bar for material requirements and quickening of new product developments.


In response to the rapid development of this area, CHINAPLAS 2016 will organize “The 2nd Medical Plastics Conference” on 25-26 April, 2016 in attempts to give visitors insights on new technology breakthroughs and latest development on medical plastics and their applications on medical devices, medical disposables and packaging.  Provisional topics include: automation technology for production upgrade, production technology for cleanrooms; medical grade polymer applications for disposables; pharmaceutical packaging solutions; innovative applications of 3D-printing; sterile barrier systems for medical packaging. The conference will be in bigger scale as compared to the last edition.


Industry 4.0 Conference

The concept of Germany-led Industry 4.0 has been taken the world by storm since its introduction in 2014. It had laid down a roadmap of the fourth industrial revolution for realizing “Smart Factory” that the world has been pursuing of. As China’s economy matures, the Chinese government has launched “Made-in-China 2025”to promote industrial automation in its own right in a bid to help Chinese enterprises to stay competitive in the world.


Adsale’s General Manager, Ms. Ada Leung says, “At present, China has been undergoing the economic transition, fromthe stage of low-cost labor-intensiveproduction to the research-intensive, high-end manufacturing one. Coupled withthe threats of labor shortages, rising labor costs, and the intense competition in the surrounding regions, Chinese companies are urged to transform and upgrade.


In this light, Adsalehas teamed up with VDMA --German Engineering Federation -- currently the largest industry association in Europe, to organize Industry 4.0 Conference. She believes that this conference not only will give the audience a better understanding about Industry 4.0 in the context of plastics and rubber industries, but also its implementation and future developments, providing practical solutions for manufacturing sectors  to follow.


Being held on 26-27 April, 2016in conjunction with CHINAPLAS 2016, the conference will invite leading firms and heavy-weighted speakers in this field to share their know-how and technologies on helping companies to realize Industry 4.0 and ultimately improve productivity, production efficiency, product quality and level of automation in the factory. Some of the topics are: Use of Industry 4.0 Concepts in one company – smart factory by Haier Inc.; Industry 4.0 from the perspective of an injection molding machines manufacturer by KraussMaffei; Individualized mass production by Arburg; Inject 4.0 – solutions for a smart factory by ENGEL, and many more ......

“Design X Innovation”

Building on the success of “Design X Innovation” at CHINAPLAS 2015, this event will come around in Shanghai in 2016.


The event's Exclusive Partner – BASF – the world's leading chemical company, will join hands with CHINAPLAS to give new perspectives to visitors on how design and plastics technology can together drive innovation, that in turn helps to make customer more successful and leads to a more sustainable future. The event showcases samples of the latest designs on outlook, structure and function designs inspired by high performance materials for different industries.


“Design X Innovation” will engage and inspire audience in an array of offers including display gallery, open forum led by revered international experts, as well as interactive activities.


Speaking about the reasons for choosing these three concurrent events for CHINAPLAS 2016, Ms. Ada Leung explains, “All these topics have been meticulously picked to reflect the macro trends of the current manufacturing sectors, where innovation, automation and sustainability are essential elements to bring the industry to the next level. It is also the extension of last year’s theme and topics to deepen audience understanding for these hot topics.” 


"The format is good", "Ideas are innovative", "I can see something innovative," "It’s inspiring" were the visitor comments for the concurrent events in 2015. We welcome you to experience the same at CHINAPLAS 2016!


There are two types of entry tickets – a one-day pass (RMB 30) and four-day pass (RMB 50). Visitors who successfully pre-register on or before 12 February, 2016, at www.ChinaplasOnline.com/prereg will enjoy free admission and receive a visitor badge in advance.



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