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Industry Dynamics

Food + Technology Pakistan 2016

Dates: 15th - 17th March 2016

Venue: Karachi Expo Centre

Time: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

In its 12th  year now, Food + Technology Pakistan has earned a well-deserved  reputation amongst exhibitors for delivering spectacular return on  investment, for the businesses in quest of growth, recognition or  penetration in the local market this event provides an ideal trade and  sourcing platform where they meet potential buyers, explore business  generating opportunities, mark and identify themselves against  competitors and benefit from the networking opportunities. Leading  players of the food industry showcase their diverse range of specialized  products and widen their business scope by networking with Pakistani  food professionals who are eager to acquire the latest technologies. It  will also provide an opportunity to new entrants to exchange new  developments and showcase the future of food processing industry. Food +  Technology trade exhibition is highly effective in uniting suppliers  with buyers in fast-developing growth markets. Even in today’s  technology-driven world, face-to-face contact continues to be recognized  as the most powerful medium for building business relationships. Each  contact reinforces company’s commitment to quality and customer care,  which are essential attributes in the competitive marketplace.

The event  hosts many buyer delegations from all over Pakistan. The exhibition has  proven an effective route to market for many companies and offers a  tempting opportunity to meet large number of targeted visitors in a  short span of time. The event has always succeeded to accomplish the  desired response and always showed productive results and formed  contemporary bonds with the ever increasing number of customers  worldwide.

Reasons for Exhibiting:

·         To increase brand awareness & promote company Image Generate sales

·         Launch of Innovative products or services

·         Find new customers, distributors, retailers & vendors etc

·         Networking with existing & potential customers

·         To get updated with the competitive market

·         Demonstrate machinery live

·         Take advantage of media presence to gain exposure

·         Increased local customer contact and product showcasing

Visitor Benefits:

·         Cost effective way of sourcing product and purchasing information

·         Enhancement in value and standard of food products for both local consumers and international market

·         Acquisition of latest technology in food processing & packaging

·         Discover new business opportunities

·         The  most effective forum to keep up to date knowledge of the new markets,  technologies, state of the art products, innovations and developments



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